This section covers our hydroponic gardens. As we learn more we will be scaling up in size.

DIY - Build a Flood and Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System
Here is a video I made on how to build an ebb and flow hydroponic system.

Growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers And Peppers Using the AutoPot System
This is my first experience with the Autopot system. You don't find much on the internet a bout them so I'm adding my notes to help out.

DIY - Build Your Own PVC Bulkhead Fitting
Building your own bulkhead fittings can save you a lot of money. This HOWTO will show you how.

DIY Build A Four Plant Hydroponic Garden
This is our first DIY hydroponic garden. This garden uses a 5 gallon square bucket. The method used here is a top fed drip system.

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution EC and PH Charts
Here you'll find charts listing EC, PPM, and PH.

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